Conceived as the perfect connection between the Ancient world, the basis of our identity, and the Contemporary universe, the prelude to our future, TÍMIA ART & RESEARCH is the paradigm that makes the difference in the art of collecting.


Word of classical Greek origin, TIMIA means dignify, revalue, venerate; terms that are established as pillars of our way of working.


To these pillars are added the will to discover and recover the identity of works of Art that have fallen into oblivion, giving them a new life and a prosperous future.


To achieve this, TÍMIA offers services for the study, documentation, research and cataloging of works of art; as well as support, consultancy and management in the creation and development of private art collections. 


The cataloging of the pieces requires an exhaustive and strict investigation that guarantees the maximum precision when establishing and re-establishing the identity of the artist, and locating his work in the most exact chronology and geography possible. 


Following these principles, the objective of rigorous work is to restore with the greatest possible fidelity, the lost memory of the authors and their works, many times displaced, since ancient times, from their place of origin.


Established on these foundations, TÍMIA works and collaborates on a national and international level to give collecting a new perspective, generating the perfect balance between Antiquity and New Creation.


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TÍMIA ART & RESEARCH is the perfect combination between the Good work of Antiquity and the New Perspective that the Future offers us.